6-month LIVE online course

Learn practical embodiment techniques

Gain powerful tools to enhance your training and coaching and see better results with your clients

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Tuesday 13th April 2021

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Embodiment is a huge subject

The embodiment field is made up of many different elements.

As a facilitator looking to bring the body into your work, or an aspiring embodiment trainer – it’s hard to make sense of it all.

“Which teachers are legit?”
“What techniques really work?”
“What’s best for more ‘mainstream’ clients?”

And while learning about one or two practices really helps, learning techniques from a variety of practices and modalities will give you a broader range of tools to use with your clients. And a better understanding of the field as a whole.

Wouldn’t it be great to learn what works for you and your clients?

Imagine taking the most practical techniques from a variety of disciplines and learning how to use them with your clients to see results faster.

Tools and best practices from people who understand how different modalities integrate, highlighting the strengths of each. People who can help you make sense of what’s out there and most importantly, teach you what works in the real world.

No one person or style has it all, but they all have something to offer. With the right guidance, you can learn how it all fits together and what works best for you.

Introducing the Certification of Embodiment Coaching

The Certification of Embodiment Coaching (CEC) is a six-month comprehensive course designed to help you bring embodiment into your work.

A combination of live online webinars, peer-to-peer learning, video support, and home practices provides the structure and support needed to keep you on track as you explore the embodiment field.

With over 200+ years of combined experience working with the body across the faculty, CEC covers a range of practices and explores how they integrate with one another. Giving you a variety of practical tools to enhance your facilitation.

The course is split into 2 parts

Personal development

Developing your own embodiment.

April – July 2021

Available as individual course
Professional application

Helping others through embodiment.

July – September 2021

Includes Foundations of Embodiment Course

Who is this for?


All CEC students
Humans new to the field
People feeling disconnected


Coaches & facilitators
Aspiring coaches and facilitators
Yoga, martial arts & dance teachers
Experienced embodiment facilitators

What is the Foundation of Embodiment Course?

Embodiment tools for everyday life
3.5 months | 5 hours per week

The Foundation of Embodiment Course is all about self-awareness and personal growth.

You’ll be guided by experienced professionals, exploring a range of models, techniques and practices to help you develop and establish a personal practice that suits you.

For those going onto the Certification of Embodiment Coaching, FEC gives a solid foundation to build on.

What we’ll cover

FEC Schedule

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Foundations of Embodiment Course


April 1st: Pre-coursework

April 13th: Introduction to the course (Essential to attend*)

April 20th: Embodied Learning

April 27th: Embodied Meditation and Mindfulness


May 4th: Four Elements Model

May 11th: Cycles

May 18th: Centring

May 25th: Non-Athletic Martial Arts 


June 1st: Free Dance

June 8th: Improvisation

June 15th: Embodied Yoga Principles (EYP)

June 22nd: Embodied Relationships

June 29th: Graduation (Essential to attend)


July 6th: Hand in practice journal

July 13th: Post-graduation check in and celebration

*6pm on the 13th, 9am on the 14th

All calls repeated 9 am and 6 pm UK time (1 am and 10 am PDT). Calls will be recorded in case you can’t make some of them live.

A typical week on FEC

9 am or 6 pm UK time (1 am or 10 am PDT)

  • One weekly webinar

To complete or arrange in your own time

  • Course platform video learning
  • Coursework
  • Peer group call
  • Personal morning/evening practice
  • Scheduling/organising work

Approximately 5 hours per week

What is the Certification of Embodiment Coaching?

Embodiment tools for your clients
2.5 months | 6 hours a week

The Certification of Embodiment Coaching is designed to help you implement what you learn from FEC into professional environments. Giving you powerful tools and techniques to use when working with clients.

What we’ll cover

CEC Schedule

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Certification of Embodiment Coaching

April – July



July 20th: Introduction and framework

July 27th: Applying Centring


August 3rd: Applying the Four Elements model

August 10th: Applying Embodied Yoga Principles

August 17th: Leader-Follower

August 24th: Creating and designing a workshop

August 31st: Blended coaching


September 7th: Review of course journey

September 14th: Hand in practice journal

September 28th: Graduation

All calls repeated 9 am and 6 pm UK time (1 am and 10 am PDT). Calls will be recorded in case you can’t make some of them live.

A typical week on CEC

9 am or 6 pm UK time (1 am or 10 am PDT)

  • Weekly group webinar
  • Weekly guest webinar (delivery time may vary)

To complete or arrange in your own time

  • Peer group call
  • Practising with clients
  • Personal morning/evening practice
  • Scheduling/organising work

Approximately 6 hours per week

Once you complete FEC you will

Once you complete CEC you will

Once you graduate you will be given a certificate as evidence of you completing the course.

What some world-renowned embodiment facilitators say about our work

“Embodiment is an essential component of healing and Embodiment Unlimited does valuable work bringing its importance to the public. I have enjoyed working with this innovative organisation.”

Gabor Maté
Renowned speaker and bestselling author

“Mark has a special ability to make embodiment work relevant and accessible.

Arawana Hayashi
Co-founder of social presencing theater, Presencing Institute

“The embodied work that Mark and the team does is both creative and practical. As a facilitator, I get a lot from teaching alongside them and always enjoy the mix of humour and pragmatism.”

Jamie Catto
Author, Facilitator, Producer – One Giant Leap

“Mark and his team provide a learning experience which draws on many forms of embodiment, then integrates it in a way that forms a more whole process for growth.

Paul Linden
Trauma Educator, Embodiment and Aikido Teacher

“Mark Walsh brings embodiment to life with passion, irreverence and grit. It makes a body want to celebrate!

Ginny Whitelaw Roshi
CEO Institute for Zen Leadership

Techniques from a variety of modalities

FEC and CEC integrate some of the most practical and powerful tools from a wide variety of approaches. The diverse range of presenters have explored and refined what really works over years of practise in their field, bringing you the most practical techniques from each.

Meet the team

Click to expand. Guest teachers subject to change

Mark Walsh

Course Leader

Course Co-lead

Mark is the author of Embodiment – Moving Beyond Mindfulness and Working with the Body in Training and Coaching. He has a BSc (Hons) in Psychology and has taught embodied work in 30+ countries, including with blue-chip companies (e.g. Unilever, Shell, Axa, L’Oreal), with NGOs in war zones and with 50,000 kids.

He founded the Embodied Facilitator Course 9 years ago, and led The Embodiment Conference (500,000 people).

He also completed a 10-year apprenticeship with Being-In-Movement founder Paul Linden and trained with various other embodiment masters. He is an aikido black belt, has done yoga for 25 years, 5Rhythms and meditation for 15, dances like your dad and swears like a pirate.

Alexandra Vilvovskaya

Course Leader

Course Co-lead

Alexandra is the director and co-lead trainer of EFC Russia and has a PhD in Educational Science. She brought tango to Russia, has 10+ years of experience working with body and movement as a therapist, coach and trainer. She is the founder of Body For Business, specialising in body therapy, DMT, and trauma work. She also has a deep understanding of the philosophy of embodiment, trauma and its scientific basis.

Daniela Welzel

Course Manager

Course manager, martial arts specialist

Daniela organised the Embodiment Conference in 2018 and was involved in a number of online conferences, summits and online courses in the organisational team. She was the conference manager for TEC2020 and course manager of the Embodied Facilitator Course. Daniela has a university diploma in administration and police leadership science, and has worked for the German Police Forces for over ten years. She also served in her function in a bilateral training mission in Afghanistan, teaching Afghan police officers in methods and didactics, psychology and code of conduct. She holds a black belt in Aikido, is a certified MBCT trainer and has a bachelor’s degree in psychology. She regularly teaches workshops and courses on embodied self-defense, mindfulness and offers individual coaching.

Roma Pijlman


Martial Arts specialist

Embodiment Facilitator, Life and Business coach, Karate instructor and 2nd dan black belt Dutch national team Karate coach, who’s passionate about Martial Arts and their application in daily life. Has a MSc in Physics and works with people to be their best self.

Christina Dohr


Conscious dance and intimacy specialist

Christina is an assistant trainer on the Embodied Facilitator Course, a passionate dancer and improviser with a MSc in Social Sciences. She holds an Aikido black belt and is a master of integrated mixed modalities from many worlds. Her work has taken her all around the world, from London, Berlin and Switzerland, to South-East Asia and back. Christina guides groups and individuals through embodied enquiry exercises presented in a playful package while targeting greater self-awareness and personal growth.

Maša Nobilo


Certified Embodied Facilitator, Facilitation specialist 

Maša is a certified embodied facilitator, feldenkrais practitioner, hatha yoga teacher and sleep coach. Her work focuses on helping people get consistently restful sleep and lead purposeful lives by tapping into the transformative power of movement and awareness.

As a certified embodied facilitator, Maša  helps people cultivate body awareness and self-knowledge in order to enhance their range of moving, being and relating to others. She completed the Embodied Facilitator Course in 2017 and was part of the assistant trainer team for the 2019 and 2020 courses.

Karin van Maanen


Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Karin is a yoga & meditation teacher with an MSc in Mindfulness Studies, and has been teaching compassion-based mindfulness full-time since 2008. She delivers yoga teacher training courses, is a certified Embodied Yoga Principles teacher trainer, and is an Assistant Trainer on The Embodied Facilitator Course. She also has a background in community arts and works as a storyteller, often combining a range of embodied and creative approaches to support the personal and professional development of the people she works with.

Liz Peters


Improviser, Coach & Author

Liz is an improviser, coach and author of ‘Own It! How to boss your fears, free your voice and inspire the room’ and has spent the last decade helping people feel relaxed and playful in the spotlight. She teaches improvisation around the world and works to improve human communication; both in how we connect and collaborate with each other and with 1-1 coaching on public speaking.

Erika Chalkley


Embodiment Educator, Somatic Coach & Meditation Teacher

Erika is dedicated to helping women break free of ‘niceness’, step into their authority and live according to their own rules.

Aboodi Shabi

CEC Guest

Leadership Coach

Aboodi Shabi has been working as a coaching for almost 25 years, working with executives and coaches all over the world. He has had a leadership role within the coaching profession, co-founding the International Coach Federation (ICF)’s UK chapter in 1998, and serving on the ICF global board. He is currently on the editorial board of Coaching at Work magazine.

Aboodi is also an invited facilitator on mastery in coaching for several European coaching schools, and a regular speaker on the coaching conference circuit across Europe.

Aboodi is currently Lecturer in Coaching and Behavioural Change at Henley Business School.

Curtis Watkins

CEC Guest

Master Somatic Coach

Curtis is Master Somatic Coach at The Strozzi Institute. Over the last 30 years, he has worked with 500+ companies. In his coaching, he works with the physical, emotional, energetic as well as the mental bodies of his clients, so they are able to produce profound changes in a shorter period of time than one would accomplish only addressing the mental body.

Wendy Palmer

FEC Guest

Founder of Leadership Embodiment

Wendy is the founder of Leadership Embodiment, holds a seventh degree black belt in Aikido and has practiced mindfulness for over 45 years. She has worked with executive teams and individuals at Twitter, Genentech, Jazz Pharmaceuticals, The Gap, NASA, Gates Foundation, Salesforce.com, McKinsey & Co, Oracle, Google, Unilever, The BBC, Accenture, Blackrock, Capital One, Intel, The George Washington University, Eileen Fisher and The Daimler Chrysler Group to name a few. She is also a recognised author.

Kathleen Booker

FEC Guest

Transformational Breathwork coach

Kathleen Booker is an effervescent native New Yorker passionate about Conscious Connected Breathwork therapy. As a certified and insured breathwork coach, she has worked with many masters in the field. For over 10+ years, Kathleen has used her breath coaching and intuitive skills to support individuals in clearly identifying areas in need of growth, healing and focused goal creation. Helping people across the globe make real, positive changes in their lives.

Dr Ela Manga

CEC Guest

Doctor, Mind-Body Facilitator

Dr Ela Magna is an integrative medical doctor, author, speaker, facilitator and a leading voice in the field of mind-body medicine and wellness in Southern Africa and abroad. She is passionate about supporting people who want to make a difference in the world and provides support through one-on-one consultations, group facilitation and as through public speaking.

Emory M. Moore

CEC Guest

Movement Teacher

Emory M. Moore Jr. RSME/T, is an internationally renowned, multi-certified exercise and movement teacher. He has over 30 years of experience in a myriad of disciplines — ranging from Chinese and Japanese martial arts, Qi-Gong, Pilates, to Dance, Yoga, Strength/Conditioning and Capoeira. As a health and fitness pioneer and innovator, he created the EM LifeWork TM, a method for exercise and movement techniques focusing on holistic fitness and body harmony. Emory has also trained scores of teachers in the United States, and has been featured in the New York Times, Self, TimeOut, W Magazine, and FoxNews.com. And is highly sought-out by Olympic athletes, professional dancers, and celebrities.

Miles Kessler

CEC Guest

Aikido & Meditation Teacher

Miles is an American teacher of Aikido (6th Dan, Aikikai), meditation, and Integral Practice. He is the founder and director of the Integral Dojo in Tel Aviv, as well as the non-profit organization Aikido – Without Borders – in Israel/Palestine. For close to 20 years, Miles has been producing innovative Aikido events such as; Aikido Practice & Inquiry, Integral Aikido Intensives, The Dead Sea Seminar, Meditation For Aikidoka, and the Aikido At The Leading Edge tele-summit – which have been attended by thousands of people.

Amanda Blake

CEC Guest

Master Somatic Leadership Coach and author

Amanda Blake is a Master Somatic Leadership Coach and author of the award-winning book Your Body Is Your Brain. She founded embright to help influencers and idealists expand their leadership capacity and make a more satisfying and meaningful contribution.

Bebe Hansen

CEC Guest

Leadership Coach

Bebe has assumed the helm of Presence-Based Coaching, and as a senior faculty member teaches our ICF approved coach training with other PBC faculty members. Bebe designed the Mentor Coaching course and is a precise and compassionate leadership coach. She is an incredibly skillful trainer, and has worked with leaders in the private, non-profit, and government sectors. On a personal note, Bebe has a deep ongoing commitment to yoga and meditation practices, and has been a practitioner of the Diamond Approach spiritual path since 2001. She can occasionally be found sailing the Potomac.

Ilan Stephani

CEC Guest

Intimacy Teacher & Trauma Educator

Ilan Stephani is a somatic teacher, speaker and coach. She focuses on embodiment research, sexuality and collective trauma-healing, and has gained nationwide attention with her bestselling book – Skin and Games – What Sexwork Taught Me About Love. Ilan teaches in both German and English, hosting both online training and in-person retreats.

Paul Linden

CEC Guest

Aikido teacher & Founder of Being in Movement

Paul Linden is the Chief Instructor and co-founder at the Centre for Columbus Center for Movement Studies/Aikido of Columbus in Columbus, Ohio, USA. He is a specialist in body and movement awareness education, and his work focuses on the interplay between self-exploration and effective action. Paul is an instructor of the Feldenkrais Method® of body awareness education. He currently holds a sixth-degree black belt in Aikido and is the developer of Being In Movement® mind-body training and the author of a number of books about body awareness applications.

Dylan Newcomb

CEC Guest

Embodiment Coach & Founder of UZAZU Embodied Intelligence

Dylan Newcomb is the founder & lead trainer of UZAZU Embodied Intelligence, a master embodiment-based coach for helping professionals & cultural creatives. Dylan trained at the Juilliard School in both dance performance and music composition and was a multi-award-winning choreographer-composer in the Netherlands for over a decade. Dylan went on to co-found a mind-body research lab in 2001, where he conducted cross-cultural research for several years. This research formed the basis for a comprehensive modality known as UZAZU Embodied Intelligence.

Ginny Whitelaw

CEC Guest

Zen master & Founder of the Institute for Zen Leadership

Ginny Jiko Whitelaw is the Founder and President of the Institute for Zen Leadership and a Zen Master in the Chozen-ji line of Rinzai Zen. A biophysicist by training, she combines a rich scientific background with senior leadership experience at NASA, and nearly 25 years developing leaders at such companies as Novartis, Dell, Merck, T. Rowe Price, Sprint, Mercer, Ascension Health, and JNJ. A recognized expert in the development of the whole leader, she has authored four books, including The Zen Leader. She co-developed the FEBI®, which measures four patterns of personality that connect body, mind and behaviours, and trains practitioners worldwide in applying FEBI in their work. In her nearly 10 years at NASA, Dr. Whitelaw became the Deputy Manager for integrating the International Space Station, for which she received NASA’s Exceptional Service Medal. She holds a PhD in Biophysics, as well as a BS in Physics, a BA in Philosophy, and a fifth-degree black belt in Aikido.

Martin Aylward

CEC Guest

Meditation Teacher & Co-founder of Mindfulness Training Institute

Martin has been practicing meditation intensively for 30 years and has been teaching dharma and guiding people in their practice since 1999. He has studied and practiced with various Buddhist teachers and traditions, including the Vajrayana practices of Mahamudra and Dzogchen. Martin co-founded Moulin de Chaves in 2005, a residential retreat centre where he lives and teaches, and where their children grew up. He created Work Sex Money Dharma in 2011, running courses to support people in integrating transformational practices. Martin is co-founder, with Mark Coleman, of the Mindfulness Training Institute.

David Treleaven

CEC Guest

Trauma Educator

David Treleaven PhD, is a writer, educator, and trauma professional whose work focuses on the intersection of trauma and mindfulness. He is author of the book Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness: Practices for Safe and Transformative Healing (W. W. Norton, 2018), He’s offered workshops on trauma-sensitive mindfulness at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), the Center for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, and the Omega Institute in New York. Trained in counseling psychology at the University of British Columbia, he received his doctorate in psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies and is currently a visiting scholar at Brown University.

Adam Barley

FEC Guest

Founder of ZeroOne & Dance Teacher

Adam Barley is the founder of ZeroOne, a creative movement meditation practice for personal and collective evolution. He began studying healing and meditation in the early ’80s, training with Gabrielle Roth in the ’90s to teach the 5Rhythms. He has built a world-wide reputation for powerfully transformative embodiment work, launching ZeroOne in early 2019.

David Berceli

CEC Guest

Trauma expert

David Berceli, Ph.D. is an international expert in the areas of trauma intervention and conflict resolution. He is the creator of Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE), a technique designed to help release the deep tension created in the body. He is also the founder and CEO of Trauma Recovery Services. Having spent two decades abroad providing trauma relief workshops and designing recovery programs for international organizations. He has lived and worked extensively in Israel/Palestine, Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, Yemen, Egypt, and Lebanon. He is fluent in English and Arabic. David is unique in that he holds a solid academic and experiential grounding in psychotherapy and therapeutic body-work.

What people are saying

“Mark Walsh and team are doing great and important work in supporting the teachings of embodiment to become more accessible, available and widespread in the world.”

Russell Delman | The Embodied Life School | FEC Student

“Practical embodiment information with real life application. And the community is priceless.”

Manal | Dance teacher and coach | Saudi Arabia

“My coaching is more precise and effective now. My clients now achieve their goals in a shorter time and fewer sessions.

Avi Peled | Coach and group facilitator | Israel

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“Mark is a powerhouse of embodiment. The course explores wisdom from the many known masters in this field in a fun way.”

Malti Bhojwani | Coach & co-author of Self Awareness and transformation | Singapore

“Mark transmits lessons online in a consistent and clear way, so it’s not wasted time for busy people.

Eva | Coach and yogi | Slovenia

“This content is about awakening for life via re-owning my body alongside great people from all over the globe.” 

Yana Ray | Coach | Moscow

“Embodiment allows me to coach from wholeness. This leads to much better results, much quicker.”

Fiona Buckland | Coach | UK

“My participation helped me gain confidence in bringing this work to new audiences, and provided a very rich peer group.”

Charlie Birch | Professional dancer | USA

“I got an enhanced understanding of relationship dynamics – crucial for blending emotional intelligence with decisive, well-informed action.

Anna Price | BBC editor and mindfulness teacher | UK

“I never had so many ‘aha moments’ during a course as in this one. As a coach, I use the practices every day which helps my clients gain a deeper awareness of their state of being, and more possibilities and choices.”

Trea Pluister-van Til | BodyMind Awareness Coach – The Coachtree | Netherlands | FEC graduate

“I can honestly say this course was a total game-changer for me personally and in my coaching practice. By far the most valuable training investment I’ve ever made.”

Steve Litchfield | Coach | UK | FEC graduate

“Embodiment Unlimited is THE place for YOU to learn, heal, rest, be seen & heard.” 

Kathleen Booker | Transformational Breathwork teacher | USA

A message from Alexandra & Mark

Teaching embodiment is our bread and butter and we’re world-class at it.

That’s not very modest, we know. But it’s true! 🙂

With covid forcing us to cancel our in-person training this year, and the conference giving us a new-found love for online learning – it feels like a good time to bring embodied learning online. And it has huge advantages for everyone. 

It’s more affordable, more accessible, less stressful for some, and being able to spread the learning out leads to better integration. 

After distilling down the most practical learning from our flagship events, the Certification of Embodiment Coaching is the most in-depth embodiment course that we’ve offered online. Ever. 

As the world falls into disconnection, embodiment coaches are needed across the globe now more than ever. So being able to train aspiring coaches and experienced facilitators alike in using embodiment is a real privilege for us.

So if you want a practical introduction to embodied facilitation, this course is for you.

Alexandra Vilvovskaya, Director & Co-Lead, EFC Russia

Mark Walsh, Founder, Embodiment Unlimited

Double money-back guarantee

If you turn up to all the sessions, apply yourself to the learning and don’t feel like you’ve got any practical tools you can use with clients at the end – we’ll give you double your money back.

Seriously. Print this off, keep it somewhere safe, and come back to us if you really feel this way. We’re confident in this programme, so we’re happy to put our money where our mouth is.

Cool-off guarantee

If you buy this course by mistake, or realise it’s not for you the next day –
we’ll give you a refund of your purchase.

Additional resources

Extra content and resources to support your learning

4 mini courses on embodiment

Working with the Body for Trainers and Coaches ($65)
One-day in person course recording

Introduction to Trauma for Facilitators ($35)
Online webinar recording

Working with the Body Online ($20)
Online course recording

Working with the Body for Facilitators ($35)
Online course recording

3 eBooks on embodiment

Embodiment – Moving Beyond Mindfulness ($12.99)
Practical tips, poems and stories to help you to reconnect with your body. Amazon’s most sold embodiment book. 174 pages.

Centring – Why Mindfulness Alone Isn’t Enough ($7)
Mark’s most downloaded, super practical eBook. 110 pages.

Working with Normal People – A Guide for Hippies 
For alternative practitioners who want to work in mainstream/business environments. 23 pages.

Embodied Reconnection Week recordings ($99)

Full recordings of all 7 x 45-minute sessions from Embodied Reconnection Week.

Exclusive extras

Only included with the Certification of Embodiment Coaching package

Embodiment Coaching
course ($999)

18+ hours of content | bite-sized videos 

Witness real coaching with genuine clients broken down to understand what works in practice.

Demonstrations on many issues from confidence to money mindset, leadership, boundaries, intimacy and so much more.

Everyday Embodiment course ($199)

3.5 hours of content | bite-sized videos 

A down-to-earth course including tips and techniques for stress, relationships, partners, different rooms of the house and more to bring embodiment into your everyday life.

Start your journey today

Enrolment closed

Personal package

LIVE | Online | 3.5 months

20 hours of LIVE webinars
12 hours of video coursework

4 x embodiment mini courses ($155)
3 x embodiment eBooks ($20)
Embodied Reconnection Week recordings ($99)


Enrolment closed

*Or pay 3 monthly instalments of $179

Professional package

LIVE | Online | 6 months

50 hours of LIVE webinars
20 hours of video coursework

Everything in the personal package
Including Foundations of Embodiment Course

Embodiment Coaching ($999)
Everyday Embodiment ($499)


Enrolment closed

*Or pay 6 monthly instalments of $179

Extended package

LIVE | Online | 6 months +

50 hours of LIVE webinars
20 hours of video coursework

Everything in the Professional package

Ethical Marketing ($999)
9 months group tutorials
1-to-1 sessions with one of the team


Enrolment closed

*Or pay 6 monthly instalments of $349

Got a question about the course or not sure which package is for you? 
Email support@embodimentunlimited.com and we’ll see how we can help.

We also accept Bitcoin, contact support for more details. 


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Non-facilitators are welcome to complete the Foundations of Embodiment Course (FEC), however, the Certification of Embodiment Coaching (CEC) is aimed at trainers, coaches and aspiring embodiment facilitators.

If you’re a yoga, dance or martial arts teacher, you are also welcome on CEC, so long as you are comfortable working with people 1-to-1.

If you are interested in coaching and facilitation, CEC is a great introduction to the field. However, you will be required to practice with clients or volunteers in order to graduate.

Yes. We cover a broad range of modalities and techniques, and going back to basics is never a bad thing.

It’s very likely that we’ll look at topics and fields you haven’t had a chance to explore yet and show you how they all fit together.

Yoga and conscious dance teachers in the past for example found FEC gave them a new perspective on what they already loved and new things to explore.

Others may simply want a structured course and peers to develop alongside.

No. The extended package (CEC+) includes the same amount of CPD points as CEC. The additional courses and other extras do not hold any CPD value.

No. Both FEC and CEC require a time commitment of 5 hours a week minimum. If you aren’t prepared to commit this time each week, this isn’t the course for you.

That being said, the majority of the course is flexible and can be done in your own time. So both FEC and CEC are suitable for a busy diary.

We aim to put FEC & CEC on annually, although that isn’t promised. Also the price will likely increase in future years.

Yes. This course is designed to give you practical tools that you can actually apply to mainstream/business environments. Many of the teachers have worked extensively at a high level in corporate environments around the world.

Well, different styles suit different people. But if you’re sick of the guru-led, new-age stuff that’s out there – this course will be a breath of fresh air. 


We’re one of the best when it comes to clarity and practicality too, and like to have fun while we learn.


We’re happy to recommend alternative courses if this doesn’t sound like you.

Will I be a certified coach at the end of the course?

Graduating from the Certification of Embodiment Coaching does not mean you are a certified coach. 

This course gives you some great practical tools to apply to your coaching and facilitation.

If you are already an ICF-certified coach, we are in the process of getting FEC and CEC accredited. 

For more details on this please email support@embodimentunlimited.com.

Hell no. The team who run the course have a sense of humour and like to have fun while they teach. If you’re easily offended, this isn’t the course for you.

Yes. Don’t worry if you miss a few live sessions here and there, you’ll be able to catch up in your own time.

However, there is a minimum number of live calls you must attend in order to graduate.

Core content is being offered twice to serve different time zones.

Anyone can buy this course and attend what they want. However, if you want a certificate of graduation, you need to do the following:

  • Attend 75% of live calls
  • Attend opening and graduation calls (dates)
  • Complete all coursework

NOTE: If special life situations arise, we are flexible and will make exceptions where necessary.

Yes. Although please be mindful that working with the body can be triggering.

This course is purely educational, so if you are in need of therapy, please seek help from qualified professionals.

This course not only contains live components in the form of webinars, but also incorporates peer group meetings in real time.

By tracking your process through our purpose-built learning platform and practice journals, we help you stay focused and ensure you see the course through.

Yes. Weekly handouts, homework and occasional assignments will be issued as part of both FEC and CEC, helping you properly digest the learning.

CCE (Continued Coaching Education points) with ICF for both FEC and CEC are in the accreditation process.

Though we don’t recommend any education just for the sake of credit points, if this is a dealbreaker for you, we will refund the course fee if the application gets denied.

You will also receive a certificate after finishing CEC and a proof of participation for FEC if all the coursework is completed within the allotted time frame (2 weeks) after each part of the course.

Completion at a later point will not be rewarded with any certificates or proof.

Tutorial groups start on13th April at 9am UK time and will be hosted by Mark Walsh.

1-to-1 coaching with a dedicated member of the team will be arranged by the team once you join the programme.

Got a question we haven’t addressed here? 
Just email support@embodimentunlimited.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.